How to Wash a Black Car

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How to wash a black car is something every owner of a black car struggles with. I’ve always been super attracted to the elegant and sleek nature of black cars. Actually, all the three cars I’ve owned in my life have been black. Whenever I drive my car down the road with its lights dancing off, there’s this great feeling that blesses my soul. The sleek elegance of the ride turns heads off wherever I go.

Unfortunately, while my jet-black car looks extremely beautiful when perfectly polished, I've had quite some challenges when it comes to maintaining it. The car shows every speck of road grime and fingerprint. From my experience, the secret to keeping it looking clean and new is not only using the correct products but also following the right steps when washing your black car.

Before looking at showing you how to wash a black car, let us first look at the items you’ll require:

What you’ll need

• Two large buckets with a grit protector top

• Garden hose with a car washing attachment or an adjustable sprayer

• Microfiber towels

• Water (preferably distilled)

• Wash Mitt (tailored for car cleaning)

• Automobile wash/car shampoo (not dish or laundry detergent)

• Black car polish

• Shammy

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step #1

Before washing the surface, remove dirt and dust.

Note: Even fine scratches on a black car’s surface dull its shine. If not removed correctly, small dust particles scratch your black car’s coat finish.

So how do you remove the dust and dirt? Set the water hose to a fine spray, enough to moisten the dust and dirt. You should always aim the spray at roughly 15-degree angle from the surface of your car. Doing that encourages dirt to pull away rather than moving along its surface and scratching. Because this step takes several minutes, you need to plan accordingly.

Does your black car have an accumulation of mud? If yes, you need to repeat the process until you soften the mud and make it fall.

After eliminating dirt, dust, mud, and/or grime, proceed to the next step.

Step #2

Fill the two large buckets with distilled water. In one bucket, add automobile wash. Before doing that, ensure you read the directions on the product’s label. Additionally, after mixing automobile wash with distilled water, fit the bucket’s top with a grit guard. That way, you’ll prevent bits of dust and sand from remaining on your wash mitt.

Step #3

Saturate the wash mitt and start washing the car. Begin from the top as you work your way downwards. While at it, apply little pressure. Move the wash mitt in a clockwise motion. Doing that allows natural drainage of water to effortlessly carry away any residual dust particles.

Step #4

As you wash, use the hose to spray off the soapy water running down on the car’s side. Carry on with the washing process as you dip the mitt regularly in order to rinse away the accumulated dust. Build up of dust can scratch the surface.

Step #5

This step entails cleaning the tires, the area beneath your car and the fender wells’ interior portion. As you do all these, be careful not to spray debris back to the car’s surface.

Step #6

Rinse your black car thoroughly. Use a shammy to dry it in detail to prevent water spots. Air-dried black cars will obviously show water spots.

Step #7

Do you want to heighten the shine factor? If yes, then you need to apply a black car polish. While this step is optional, it’s highly recommended to ensure your black car attains a brand new finish. For optimum results, opt for a polish tailored for black cars.

After you’re done, buff the surface using microfiber towels to achieve a higher shine. As you buff the surface, work from top parts to bottom. Overlap old sections with the new. Ensure you buff the spray off completely.

By now, your black beauty ride must be looking awesome and showroom-new. Enjoy the drive.

Helpful tips on how to wash black car

1. Avoid the high-pressure automated car washes for eliminating mud accumulation. If the mud fails to come off during the preliminary wetting action, it might scratch surface in the washing stage.

2. Always consider using polish. It adds an extra protection layer against dust and dirt surface scratches.

3. Water spots and scratches are the two main elements, which mar the finish of your car. Always exercise caution when removing grime and dust as it prevents hairline scratches. With time, the tiny scratches turn the car’s glossy finish into dull.

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