"what is involved in an automotive tune ups?"

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There is a list of basic items that needs to be replaced during an automotive tune

up.This includes changing brake pads and shoes, (depending on what type of

brake system your automobile has) and replacing the old spark plugs as well as

the plug wires. You also have some more basic items like fluid and oil changes.

There are many things involved routine automotive tune ups that will be

explained in this short informative writing.     


Lets get started with the brakes. It is rather important to keep up with maintenance of this particular section.For starters there is common routine maintenance such as:

pads(on disk brake system)

shoes(on drum brake system)

stainless steel brake lines

rotors(on disk system)

Drum (on drum system)

caliper(on disk system)

All these items are necessary to be checked or replaced if need be. For now im just going to go over the basics. More often then not you will only need to change the pads and shoes when doing routine maintenance on your automobile.


In this section i'm going to go over the basics of engine maintenance.

Probably the most basic routine of automotive tune up is changing the oil and fluids the automobile needs to function properly. This includes the:

Oil/Oil filter


Brake fluid

Transmission fluid/Fluid filter( automatics only)

Power steering fluid

Now lets move on to a more complicated part of the tune up process. In this section of the engine maintenance i am going to go over the basics of the ignition system items that must be replaced from time to time. This includes items such as:

Spark plugs

Spark plug wires

These two items are the most basic items to be replaced but there are other parts such as:

coil pack(newer model automobiles/post 1990's)

coil(older model automobiles/pre 1990's)

distributors / distributor caps (pre 1990's((for the most part))

These items are essential to the performance of the automobile engine and drive train.


In the final section of this informative writing i will tell you the other non-essential parts that every vehicle is equipped with. Those parts include:

Windshield wipers



turning lamps

These parts listed here-in concluded the basics of routine automotive tune ups.

The parts listed in the writing above is just a small amount of the parts need for an automobile to operate properly. The other items are no less important then the items listed above. In a later educational writing i will discuss more in depth. the different parts and procedures required when giving an automobile a tune-up.

Remember anytime you work on an automobile make sure that each and every item you are repairing is removed and re-installed correctly. If the items are not installed correctly, failure of that certain part of the automobile can occur. For instance, if you do not install the brake pads / shoes properly, then the automobile may fail to stop when the brake pedal is pressed. In conclusion always have you automobile worked on by a skilled and / or licensed individual.

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