DIY Tips for Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink?

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DIY Tips for Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink

One of the common reasons homeowners hire plumbing services is to unclog their bathroom sink. It is very easy to unclog your bathroom sink on your own. The following are DIY Tips for Unclogging Your Bathroom Sink with ease.

Hot Flush

Bathroom sinks often get clogged by toothpaste, gel and other products that dry up and block the drainage. Hot water helps to soften this dried substance and allow for the smooth flow of water. Fill the sink with hot water and wait for it to drain before doing it again. If the sink is not unblocked, consider using baking soda and vinegar.

Pour ½ cup of baking powder down the sink and if it is still blocked pour 1 a cup of vinegar (white) then plug the drain using rags. After 30 minutes, pour hot water down the drain and see whether the clog is flushed away. If the problem persists use a plunger.


Add water to the sink then use a force cup plunger to plunge. A plunger is a plumbing device used for releasing stoppages. It has a rubber cup attached to a shaft or wooden/plastic stick. The cup is pressed into the drain in order to release air and pulled out which causes a vacuum that is meant to attract substances that are responsible for the blockage. If plunging has not unclogged your sink, it’s time to check the P-Trap.

Dismantle the P-Trap

When you check under your sink, there is a tail pipe that goes low then finally curves around. This curve is called the P-Trap. The P-Trap leads to a vent that goes behind the wall. With a pipe wrench unlock the P-Trap; place a bucket under to collect water falling from the drain.

The P-Trap is dirty and smells filthy. If it clogged, clean grime or sludge using a toilet brush. Reattach the P-Trap and test to see whether the problem is solved.

Use a Sink Snake

If the P-Trap was not the reason for the clog, it is possible that the piping running to the wall is responsible. You need at least 20 feet of cable to use with a snake. It is also important that you wear protective gloves due to the toxic substances you will encounter. A plumbing snake is a long wire coil that maneuvers through pipes.

Run the sink snake into the piping on the wall. Ensure the snake runs downwards and pass it through the line several times to reach the clog.


Fix the P-Trap and ensure all connections are tight. Check to see if the water runs smoothly. If the sink is draining and there are no leaks underneath, you have unclogged it successfully.

Following the tips outlined above, you will be ale to fix a clogged bathroom sink without the help of a professional plumber. However, if the problem persists, it’s high time you hired a plumber to help you fix the problem before it worsens and become more expensive to repair.

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