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Question How do I know if I have an honest car mechanic looking at my car? (Posted by: Anonymous )

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How do I know if I have an honest car mechanic? This is a question that has plagued many since Henry Ford began making cars for the masses. Some may wonder if there are even honest car mechanics out there, or have they all emerged from the depths of darkness with their black stained hands, tobacco yellow teeth, and gravely, mocking voices.

It's a scenario that many have experienced. Driving home from work on a hot afternoon and the freeway is packed. The air conditioner stops blowing cool air so you turn the AC switch off, then on. Nothing. You lightly slap the dashboard above the vents. Still nothing. Suddenly, in the area of you speedometer, a red light in the shape of an oil can begins blinking and at the same time you smell something that isn't normal. A tingly itchy feeling begins to crawl up your back, telling you that something is not right. A distant warning voice, probably from your dad years ago, tells you to get the car to a safe place and turn it off.

As you begin to make your way to the right lane, the car begins to stumble and jerk. Panic begins to set in and you reach for your cell phone. The dad voice reminds you to get to a safe place, and you mind, eyeing the next off ramp about a half mile ahead. The car begins to jerk harder and white smoke begins to flow out of the front of the hood. The voice tells you to turn the car off now. You pull the car to the side of the road, turn the key off, and pick up your cell phone. Then you realize that you don't know who to call.

Fast forward this scenario and the tension does not ease. Sitting in the waiting room of the car repair facility, you see a clean cut salesman with a terrific smile approach. He is joined by a mechanic looking as serious as a doctor coming to give bad news. You wonder, is he an honest car mechanic? The damage is significant, he tells you and you brace yourself for the cost. When he tells you an amount, you still almost fall over. How can it possibly be so much? Do I really need to spend that much to get my car running? Can I trust these guys?

The answer is maybe. Here are some tips that will help you figure out whether to know if your car mechanic is honest. First, ask to see what is wrong with the car and have the mechanic explain it to you. Even if you don't know what you are looking at, it shows the mechanic that you are not going to believe everything at face value. Second, get a second opinion. The best way to do this is to have a mechanic friend come to the shop and look at the car. If this is not possible, then have the car taken to another shop. Most shops will charge an inspection fee but if you call a second shop and tell them what you are doing, they may waive this fee if you get the work done. Third, don't let anyone pressure you into a decision. This scare tactic can be effective so it is important to remember that you are the customer and you have the power at any time to take your vehicle someplace else. At anytime during your interaction with a car mechanic, if he gets angry at your questioning or desire for a second opinion, it is a good sign that he is not honest.

Finally, once you have found an honest mechanic, keep going to him. They are out there and are more common than the crooks that you fear. And oh yeah, save the phone number of the honest car mechanic in your cell phone.

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a few other things you need to find out. is it a busy shop? are there late model cars in the lot? call the local parts house and ask them who their top purchaser is? how long has the shop been in business? and finally, who is doing the diagnostic. i've found, being a
5year tech with emission insp. license in
states, that lots of shop owners don't mind a mechanic miss diagnosing. it makes their pocket greener. if possible, ask if one of their other mechanics could diag the problem to see if he agrees. try to always be at the shop when the inspection is done. this helps more than you think. By honest don on 11-07-11 at 11:09pm
The best way to find a mechanic is to get a referral from a friend or family member. Read reviews on Yep if there are any. Car Repair Minneapolis By Jackie on 01-12-11 at 06:42am
I would also suggest going online to various car forums and asking for help or clarification on something you don’t understand or if you want to ensure that the car mechanic is giving you the correct/truthful information. The internet can also be a good resource to research repair costs and parts; it can be cheaper sometimes to buy the parts yourself. Marin Auto Repair By Jackie on 02-12-11 at 06:43am
If a mechanic claims he replaced some part, demand the faulty one back. There's no reason for them to keep it, unless: 1) the part was not changed;
) the part was in fact good, but the mechanic still replaced it to get a part for free (parts can be expensive) By Demetrio on 11-07-12 at 02:48pm
Go to Angieslist, Mechanicratingz etc. Contact the local department that licenses mechanics to see if they have too many complaints. Let the shop/Mobile worry about getting the right parts.Being at the shop won't help any, if they are dishonest they can do it in your face. Asking for old parts is ok but remember when you ask or get remanufactured parts (which is often) the shop needs to return your old part (core) to the suplier. Try not to be too cynic or suspicious. Be balanced and that will help things go smoothly. Honest mechanics don't like to be insulted either just like doctors they have dignity. By Pedro Talavera on 23-03-13 at 06:17pm
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