How can we achieve trouble free motoring without huge expense?

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Answered by: Ray, An Expert in the Regular Maintenance Category
How can we achieve trouble free motoring without huge expense? First, it has to be said that the most well maintained vehicle can break down if one is unlucky. However, there is much we can do to limit the possibility of an unexpected breakdown.

The answer to trouble free motoring is to keep your car fully serviced at least once per annum. Having your car fully serviced will fill two main criteria’s. One, the car will be tuned to optimum performance thereby saving fuel and ensuring a smooth running engine. Two, the car owner will be notified by the garage of any issues and repairs that might need urgent attention.

Let’s look closer at a car service. A good garage will change the engine oil and oil filter. Changing the engine oil is important as it will preserve the engine and prevent un-necessary wear and tear. A garage will also check the gearbox oil which would over wise get overlooked and could run dry wrecking the transmission.

During the service all the brakes, pads, discs and drums will be inspected and serviced including the handbrake. The car owner will be notified if any of the braking components are in need of urgent replacement. Tyres too will be examined not only for correct pressures but for perishing and wear. All garages will recommend tyres to be changed to remain within the current laws of the land.

The steering will also be examined for wear in the steering linkages and tracking. During a service also the spark plugs or injectors will be examined and replaced. The battery will also be tested for its ability to maintain a charge along with the functioning of the alternator. Door hinges, locks and bonnet catches should be lubricated and checked for trouble free function. The cooling system will also be checked for leaks and perished hoses.

Only during a full service can all these functions be tested for failure. However, not only will all immediate issues receive attention; a service empowers the owner as he or she will be given a list of components that may need replacing before the next service is due. Of course money is an issue for most of us but if it can be afforded all advisory issues should be fixed during the service. Some garages will not charge extra for component replacement if the replacements are carried out during the service appointment.

Most car owners these days know quite a bit about how the car works and this is good news as a mechanically aware driver is a safer driver.

However, the best of us cannot always see what is about to go wrong with our cars as we don’t have the facilities a good garage has. For example we cannot raise a car up on a ramp to see if the exhaust is blowing. A good mechanic can spot these problems with a second glance long before the car driver will become aware of any problems. Yes car servicing is expensive but it provides peace of mind and the knowledge that you have done all you can to ensure trouble free motoring.

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