Which best gas mileage cars should I consider?

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The price of gas these days has caused many auto manufacturers to design cars that get great gas mileage. Small form factor cars that have always gotten great gas mileage now get better gas mileage. And even bigger vehicles, such as trucks, are now being designed with gas mileage in mind. What does this mean for the end user? Many people are left wondering what type of car they should buy. After all, when all car manufacturers are advertising about how great on gas their vehicles are the comparison between cars can get a bit fuzzy. There are many different things to consider when it comes to picking out best gas mileage cars. Here are a few of them.

First and foremost the amount of people being transported should be considered. Another thing to consider is what type of trip this vehicle will be taking. Generally speaking minivans are going to get the best in comfort and the best in gas mileage. They usually are equipped with medium to large sized 4 cylinder engines. These engines don't pack a ton of power but they do get great gas mileage. Sometimes the higher end minivans will come with a V6 engine, which packs more power but costs a few miles to the gallon. The biggest downside to the minivan is the looks. Most people don't prefer being seen in a minivan while others don't care. Those that don't care about what type of vehicle they drive and want to be able to transport a good amount of people (5-7 in most cases) should choose a minivan. These vehicles are comfortable on small ranged, medium ranged, and long ranged trips.

Another type of vehicle to think about is the crossover. Crossovers were born out of the dislike for the look of minivans. Generally speaking crossovers are a cross between a car and some type of SUV. A crossover is going to get worse gas mileage than a car but will be able to transport more people with more storage spaces. These vehicles usually aren't quite as comfortable as minivans, so they aren't always great for cross country trips. They come equipped with the same engine sizes as most minivans.

The type of vehicle that gets the best gas mileage (not considering hybrids and electric vehicles) are normal cars. Sedans generally weigh a bit more than coupes, but both will get nearly identical gas mileage. Cars can usually only transport 5 (small) people. They aren't comfortable on long trips. Because of this when considering best gas mileage cars an actual car should only be considered for those who have a small family or for those who travel to and from work and want to spend the smallest amount of money possible. Many cars will come with a very basic package that allows for a very inexpensive purchase price.

Finding the vehicle that both gets good gas mileage and matches up to the lifestyle of the owner of the vehicle can take quite a bit of work. However, cars last for years and just a few miles to the gallon difference can mean thousands of dollars spent or saved in the long run.

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