How Do you Replace a Ford Escort Windshield?

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Your windshield does more than keep the bugs out of your face. It is considered one of the car's primary safety devices. Designers of the Ford Escort have calculated the inherent strength of the windshield into the overall strength of the car. If your car were to get into a rollover accident, the windshield could save your life. While replacing your Ford Escort windshield is a repair often best left to professionals, with a little patience and the right tools you can do it yourself.

Things You will Need:

Large vinyl drop cloths

Masking tape

Razor blade

Flat-head screwdriver

Small crowbar


Bonding agent


Safety gloves

Safety eyeglasses

An assistant

#1)Look at the frame around the Ford Escort windshield. There should be no cracks, dents or corrosion. This will cause the new windshield from bonding to the car correctly. If there is damage to the frame, get it repaired.

#2)Spread out the vinyl drop cloths. Lay one across the hood of the car up to the windshield. Put the second drop cloth across the interior dashboard. This will prevent broken pieces of the windshield from damaging the car.

#3)Remove the wiper blades and arms. Use a screwdriver to take them off.

#4)Pull off the metal trim. It will consist of five pieces and be held in place with small metal clips. Gently use a screwdriver to pry the pieces off the windshield.

#5)Cut the sealant. Take your razor blade and cut around the windshield to break the seal.

#6)Remove the windshield. Insert the crow bar and gently pry the corner of the windshield up. Slowly move the crow bar around the windshield. Have your assistant help you left the windshield out of the frame.

#7)Prepare the new windshield and mounting surface. Run sandpaper around the mounting surface. Rub the bonding agent onto the mounting surface. Sand the edge of the new windshield that is to face the frame of the car. Apply the bonding agent to this area. This is to ensure a tight bond.

#8)Bead the mounting surface with silicone. Make sure to go over the entire area of the surface. Don’t leave any gaps.

#9)Insert the new windshield. Have your assistant help you carefully lay in the windshield. Make sure to press the windshield firmly into place. Allowing time for the bonding agent to dry, replace the metal trim. Use your screwdriver to insert each piece along with the metal clips. Re-install the wipers and arms, and then detail your work.

Tips & Warnings

•Get an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement windshield. There could be safety issues with aftermarket windshields not fitting correctly.

•Use caution when using metal tools on windshields--they can and do break. Tape your tools with black electrical tape.

•Do not drive your car for 24 hours after window installation. It can take that long for the bonding agent to cure.

•Wear eye and hand protection. Windshields are made of safety glass, which can splinter into tiny pieces

•An improperly installed windshield can cause injury and contribute to an accident.

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