How do I replace front brakes on my 1993 S-10 Blazer?

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Hello. It is a relatively simple task to replace front brakes on your 1993 S-10 Blazer, which I would only recommend attempting if you have had some experience working on automobiles. Before you begin to replace front brakes, you should check the rear wheels with a wheel chock or a hefty piece of wood. Make sure the vehicle is off and in park.

Next, take a cross bar and loosen the lug nuts on the front wheel that you will be working on first. Once the lug nuts are free, find a safe spot on the frame of the car, preferably part of the main frame and begin lifting the car. Once the wheel is off the ground enough to spin freely, place jack stands next to the jack to insure the truck will remain supported in case the jack happens to fail.

Take off your tire and begin your brake job. First take off the caliper bolts with the proper size wrench or ratchet and inspect them to make sure there are no cuts or gashes (replace if badly worn). Next, remove the caliper and inspect the rubber covering surround the caliper piston. If the caliper is not leaking any fluid and the rubber covering is in good shape, use the old brake pad and a “c” clamp to completely collapse the caliper.

Once the caliper is fully collapsed, make sure the slider pins are greased and moving freely. While the caliper is free, inspect the caliper hose and if it seems frail or badly worn, replace it and bleed the system when done. Now you should remove the caliper bracket by removing the two bolts that secure it in place. Then either have the rotor cut or replace with a new one. If you happen to buy a new rotor when you are going to replace front brakes, make sure you clean the rust prevention coating off of it with either brake parts cleaner or rubbing alcohol.

When using the old rotor, be sure to inspect for discoloration from heat marks or deep gashes that may make the rotor unusable even if it was to be cut. Once the rotor is in place, reinstall the caliper bracket. If the bracket is designed to hold the brake pads, place the brake gel on the back of the pads and put the pads in the same way the old pads were sitting. Make sure that the squealer bracket on the brake pad is facing the right direction because if you use a pad that belongs on the opposite side of the truck, it may be in a different position on the pad.

Place the caliper back on the bracket and bolt it back in place. After the tire is in place, hand start the lug nuts onto the studs to prevent cross-threading. Next, tighten the lug-nuts in a star pattern until snug and tighten once more when truck is resting on the tire and is off of the jack. Repeat the process for the other side. When both sides are complete and the truck is securely on the ground, pump the break peddle until it feels nice and firm. Make sure to remove the jack , stands and chocks from the truck and test the brakes in a driveway or quiet street. There should be no squealing or grinding if done correctly and the truck should stop much better.

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