What are Some Auto Repair Savings tips?

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Considering the cost of purchasing a new car more and more people are hanging on to their current vehicle longer. In doing so, it is important to know certain strategies when it comes to Auto Repair Savings. As your car ages, the amount of repairs can increase substantially thus making it critical to cut costs where ever possible. Here are a few tips to help you:

1. Check your fluid levels everyday - this means engine oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid and windshield wiper fluid.

2. Check under your vehicle once a week - look for leaks, moisture and anything that can be torn or hanging down.

3. Check the air pressure in your tires once a week and keep them properly inflated.

4. Clean your wheels every one to two weeks to remove brake dust and debris.

5. Check your engine components made from rubber every two weeks - belts, hoses, and wiring - look for stretched or tearing of belts, overly squishy hoses, look for loose wires and any lights that are inoperative (taillights, turn signals, interior lights, etc.).

Now, when you have something go out, whether a major or minor repair, use these tips to help increase your auto repair savings:

1. Get at least 3 estimates for the repair - make sure the parts and labor costs are separated out.

2. Search the Internet for the main parts you will need. Look at several places and search for promo codes as well to get free shipping and more savings off the price. Purchase the parts yourself since you can usually save an average of 50% over repair shop prices.

3. If you can make the repairs yourself, do so. Labor costs are generally the higher figure on any repair.

4. If the repair is a battery, most auto parts stores will help you install it right there.

If you do choose to take your vehicle into a repair shop, make sure that you and they understand about additional items being added into the repair. Up-selling is an auto repair shops "bread-n-butter" and you need to know that they will try to get additional work authorized. If you cannot afford this or do not want it, make sure the consultant understands this. Things like an oil change or radiator flush can easily add $55 to $100 or more to your bill. Don't do it if it is not necessary.

The thing to remember with Auto Repair Savings strategies is to alway be on guard and look for the best deals you can find. If you have the ability to do this, you can save anywhere from 35% to 75% of the costs, more if you are able to do the repairs yourself. Being informed and knowing what your vehicle requires to get it running once again will keep you from slipping into the slippery slope of over-inflated auto repair prices. It can be a scary and never ending plight for the uninformed or those who aren't paying attention.

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